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Change a Life with a Card


Jack’s Story Update May 2012- “The birthday cards from ShareaCard arrived and were the highlight of Jack’s birthday! We spent his birthday with a specialist.  The latest scan showed a tumor on Jack’s remaining kidney. The tumor is small and sits on top of his kidney and has infiltrated his other kidney but it has…
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David M.

David’s Story I am submitting this request on behalf of a friend that has been battling cancer and other issues that have come up during his most recent reoccurrence of cancer.  He had been cancer free for several years and recently the cancer returned. Compounded with the cancer he also developed heart problems and had…
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Allen’s Story (as told by his wife, Wanda) Allen is 54 years old and has such a passion people, family and the outdoors. He loves farming and our goats and chickens. He would love to receive some cheery cards! Likes: Being outside, traveling when we can. Farming and Family most of all. He enjoys raising our…
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Sydney’s Story My daughter is 14 years old and has brain cancer.   It brightens her day to get a card or a letter in the mail.  She has been battling cancer since she has been 12 yrs old. She was 4 months from her 13th birthday when she started showing symptoms. Comments: Sydney loves to…
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Sammy’s Story Sammy has Alexander’s Disease, a rare form of Leukodystrophy.  The leukodystrophies are a group of genetic disorders.  Alexander’s is the rarest of the group. Sammy was diagnosed at age 3 1/2. He can no longer stand, walk or sit without assistance.   He likes Motorcycles, Scooby Doo and Disney Cars. Diagnosis: Alexander’s Disease Birthday: April,22 2003…
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Ryan’s Story My son Ryan Magnotta was diagnosed with hereditary chronic pancreatitis, an incurable pancreas disease at the age of 5. Ryan is now ten and his journey with this illness has only worsened. On August 18,2014 Ryan was admitted to Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia.  On August 19, 2014 Ryan had a surgical procedure at…
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Matthew’s Story Matthew was just diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia. It has a 90% cure rate, but will take 3 years of monitoring and fighting. He would go to kindergarten this year, but now maybe that won’t be in the cards. Since his immune system is compromised. He will receive 3 IV drips over the…
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Kyra’s Story Kyra Smith age 5 has a non-cancer brain tumor. The tumor is so big that it’s laying on her chasim nerve causing her eyes to cross. The type of tumor she has is NF-1 tumor.  She will go every Wednesday to receive chemo. The chemo is to help shrink the tumor. PLEASE REMEMBER…
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Frankie’s Story Frankie is battling Neuroblastoma. She loves the movies Tangled/ Mulan and Frozen. Her favorite color is Pink. Diagnosis:Neuroblastoma Birthday: Febraury 28,2014 Interests/Likes: Mulan, Frozen, Tangled, Favorite Color Pink Mailing Address: FrankieC/O ShareaCard.org992 Hershey RoadElizabethtown, Pa. 17022

Ella Joy

Ella Joy’s Story Ella joy had a lump near her inner thigh about the size of a walnut.  After going to the pediatrician several times and seeing 2 pediatric oncologists, we got a biopsy which showed she had cancerous enlarged lymph nodes all over her little body!  We started chemotherapy  right away.  There were some…
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