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Matthew’s Story

Matthew was just diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia. It has a 90% cure rate, but will take 3 years of monitoring and fighting. He would go to kindergarten this year, but now maybe that won’t be in the cards. Since his immune system is compromised. He will receive 3 IV drips over the next 3 days, then start chemo tomorrow. Surgery is scheduled to do a bone marrow test and spinal tap to test if there are white blood cells that are dying and going to his brain. 

They are also expecting a new baby in Dec.
This little guy is my great, great nephew, and is loved very much.


Matthew is responding well to his treatment so far. His severe side effects have tapered off this month and he has more energy, and is starting to walk on his own. He still has trouble with stairs and getting up from the floor but he starts physical therapy Monday so that will help. He has lost his hair and is fairly self conscious about it but he enjoys wearing hats. He has started homeschool kindergarten and enjoys science the most. While he is on a tough road, he is so resilient and happy in general. 
He is still receiving chemo every week in his spine at the hospital in clinic and had a blood transfusion last week since his hemoglobin blood count was so low. He is also receiving chemo orally daily at home. He is very compliant despite hating the taste. And his chemo at home is to be given two hours after eating at bedtime so he has to be woken up late for that. He doesn’t like it but he is very good to do it anyway. 
We took Matthew on his first apple picking and outdoor outing since diagnosis. Then we took him to overlook the Susquehanna River. It wasn’t enough to see it. He got this pep in his step and walked with such zeal towards the water it about gave mom a heart attack. He loved it and we ended up walking along the path next to the water for quite some time. It was so good to see him get so excited and happy. 
Children are so resilient and move forward with such hope and strength. Please continue to pray front our little man. He has a long road of treatments ahead. 
Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and help.

Diagnosis:  Acute Lymphatic Leukemia

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