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Ella Joy

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Ella Joy

Ella Joy’s Story

Ella joy had a lump near her inner thigh about the size of a walnut.  After going to the pediatrician several times and seeing 2 pediatric oncologists, we got a biopsy which showed she had cancerous enlarged lymph nodes all over her little body!  We started chemotherapy  right away.  There were some challenges like when she was allergic to one of the chemotherapies and was red and bumpy all over.  Another time our oncologist told us she would have a 30% or less chance to live.  Today, we are continuing active chemo and praying for zero cancer and negative mrd.

Ella joy loves stickers, and shopkins, Lego friends, and sticky mosaics.

She loves Disney Princesses and Hello Kitty and My Little Pony too.

Diagnosis:  Stage 4 Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma

Birthday: April 21, 2009

Interests/Likes: My Little Pony, Stickers, Lego Friends, Disney Princesses

Mailing Address:

Ella Joy
C/O ShareaCard.org
992 Hershey Road
Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022

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