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Inactive Status

What is Inactive Status? Features that are currently not accepting Shareacard services are listed as inactive. These features may not be accepting mail due to various reasons, but may become Active again in the future. Since some donors send cards to specific features we would like to include our Inactive Features on our website. Here…
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Our Sponsors

** We cannot warrant or sustain any information contained on any website linked to or from ShareaCard, including those of our Sponsors. Angels For Hope—Know of someone in need of Hope? Angels for Hope will send them a crocheted angel/butterfly or smiley free of charge. Good Deal Mama—Get all the good deals going on out…
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Rory’s Story  I truly believe God gives His hardest battles to His strongest warriors. I am trying to live up to His standards. It’s totally difficult, painful and mind boggling.  I am constantly falling but I will keep getting up and trying again. God’s Grace! At 50+ can’t do what I used to do. Walking,…
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Ronald’s Story I am a single man, living alone. I have 3 wonderful sons and a daughter-in-law and two grand-children.  They all help me out a lot. I am a widow.  I drove truck for the post office for many years.  I am now retired.    I don’t have a lot of hobbies at my age. …
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Michael’s Story Michael is a 31 year old young man who lives with his grandparents at this time because his mother died very recently.  He is a very loving fellow…telling his grandmother several times a day, “Maw Maw I love you so much!”. His grandmother says Michael never meets a stranger.She is teaching him that…
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Leroy and Wilma

Leroy and Wilma’s Story Leroy has been on kidney dialysis since 2007. He was on the list to receive a transplant but was recently taken off because of other heath issues, one being an aneurysm. He goes to dialysis 3 days a week. Wilma is Leroys 3rd wife as his other wives passed away from…
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Lee’s Story Lee is recovering from a stroke and is currently in therapy for his right arm and leg. His favorite colors are blue and green. He used to enjoy hunting in his healthier days. He would enjoy some cheer cards! Diagnosis: Stroke Birthday: December 27th Interests/Likes: Blue, Green, Hunting Mailing Address: LeeC/O ShareaCard.org992 Hershey RoadElizabethtown, Pa. 17022