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Michael’s Story

Michael is a 31 year old young man who lives with his grandparents at this time because his mother died very recently.  He is a very loving fellow…telling his grandmother several times a day, “Maw Maw I love you so much!”. His grandmother says Michael never meets a stranger.She is teaching him that shaking hands is a much better way to meet new people than to “bear hug” them.  Mentally he is a young child. 

Comments: Michael loves to watch TV. Favorites are “Scooby Doo”, “Sesame Street”, Wrestling and the Country Music Channel. (Loves Loretta Lynn!) 

His favorite color is Green.

Diagnosis:  Mentally Challenged

Birthday: May 28th

Interests/Likes: Green, Scooby Doo, Sesame Street

Mailing Address:

Michael L.
C/O ShareaCard.org
992 Hershey Road
Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022

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