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Change a Life with a Card


Aryannah’s Story Aryannah is a sweet 13 year old who has had recurrent brain tumors since the age of 2 and has undergone several surgeries to remove them. She has had 2 strokes and had to “re-learn everything,” according to her grandfather. She currently has a tracheotomy, as well. She lives with her grandparents. She…
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Wanda’s Story Update- October 2012- Wanda is having heart surgery on October 9th- ***She is doing well since her heart surgery 🙂 Update- August 2012- “You make my life more happy and sunny.” I suffer  from very bad Asthma, and other health problems and was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer…I am now on Medication, and…
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Sandy D.

Sandy’s Story Sandy loves to receive cards in the mail. Every mail delivery, even those addressed “Occupant” or “Resident” give her joy.  I send her a card every week and she sends a homemade one back to me.  Sandy attends church every Sunday with her sister and her caretaker. She is always smiling; calls everyone…
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Laura R.

Laura’s Story I’m 48 years old. Two years ago I was working 60+hours a week at my hotel management job, volunteering with physically and mentally disabled and enjoying life. Things changed literally overnight. With pain everywhere, headaches , difficulty walking and double vision. Over a few months  and many appointments my doctor decided I was”a…
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Judy S.

Judy’s Story This is Judy S. She is recovering from breast cancer. She lost her husband Wilson 2 yrs. ago. He was also featured. Judy is a devoted Christian, loves her church and church family. She has the sweetest personality. Diagnosis: Breast Cancer Birthday: January 17 Interests/Likes: Devoted Chritian Mailing Address: Judy S.C/O ShareaCard.org992 Hershey RoadElizabethtown, Pa. 17022


Joyce’s Story Joyce enjoys reading and puzzles. She currently has no pets but over the years, has had many cats as pets. She goes for chemo treatments once a week. Diagnosis: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Birthday: July 30th Interests/Likes: Reading, Puzzles, Cats Mailing Address: JoyceC/O ShareaCard.org992 Hershey RoadElizabethtown, Pa. 17022


Jeanne’s Story Jeanne is on Oxygen 24/7, she lives states away from any family. She is widowed and still misses her loving husband Tom. Jeanne loves to get mail, but doesn’t receive much. Cards would really brighten her day.  She has her special little dog that keeps her company, his name is Baby Boy. Jeanne…
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Helen’s Story My Aunt Helen is the sweetest lady I have ever met.  I have never heard her say a mean word, I have never seen her mad.  In fact I have never even seen her cry.   She is 91 and never had children, I am her niece and she is my heart.  She does…
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Glory’s Story Glory is a 40 year old mentally challenged young lady. Her daily is job is to bring in the mail. She loves to receive mail so let’s send her lots! Diagnosis:  Mentally Challenged Birthday: March 3 Interests/Likes: Purple Mailing Address: GloryC/O ShareaCard.org992 Hershey RoadElizabethtown, Pa. 17022


Elizabeth’s Story (as told in her own words) Update- August 2012- The Crohns is out of remission, surgery is imminent. The pain is unbearable most days. Thanks again for all the support. All the cards/ gifts/ thoughts and prayers are very appreciated. I read and keep everything sent. Hope to be well enough so I…
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