Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Sandy D.

Change a Life with a Card

Sandy D.

Sandy’s Story

Sandy loves to receive cards in the mail. Every mail delivery, even those addressed “Occupant” or “Resident” give her joy.  I send her a card every week and she sends a homemade one back to me. 

Sandy attends church every Sunday with her sister and her caretaker. She is always smiling; calls everyone “honey”, and exclaims with joy, “You’re pretty”.  Sometimes she give a hearty “Amen” to our Pastor.  If the whole world could love with the unconditional love Sandy has for everyone,  it could be a wonderful world. She loves playing cards of all kinds, Old Maids, Disney Cards, Playing Cards…doesn’t make a difference to her.  Loves stickers of all kinds and all the simplest things of life that most people take for granted…like a simple cup of hot chocolate, a candy bar, anything colorful like flowers.  She likes to shop with her caretaker at Walmart and go to go to McDonalds for a treat. 

 Sandy lives in a trailer home with her caretaker next door to her sister.  Sandy requires round the clock care and therefore caretakers live with her.  She is a joy to all who know her. She has been a blessing in our church family for she represents the truest picture of love on this planet!  

Comments: Sandy is very much like a 5 or 6 year old child. Loves to carry a purse to church..that may be packed with playing cards! 

Diagnosis:  Mentally Challenged

Birthday: March 7th

Interests/Likes: Playing Cards, Shopping, Church

Mailing Address:

Sandy D.
C/O ShareaCard.org
992 Hershey Road
Elizabethtown, Pa 17022

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