Elizabethtown, PA 17022


Change a Life with a Card


Jeanne’s Story

Jeanne is on Oxygen 24/7, she lives states away from any family.

She is widowed and still misses her loving husband Tom.

Jeanne loves to get mail, but doesn’t receive much. Cards would really brighten her day. 

She has her special little dog that keeps her company, his name is Baby Boy.

Jeanne loves the beach and has collected and loves to learn about seashells!

Her favorite color is pink.

Jeanne loves soft scents in good perfumes, doesn’t like strong or oriental scents.

Diagnosis: COPD, CAD, A  Fib, Congestive Heart Failure

Birthday: January 16th

Interests/Likes: Pink/ The Beach/ Seashells

Mailing Address:

C/O ShareaCard.org
992 Hershey Road
Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022


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