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Frequently Asked Questions

Change a Life with a Card

Q: What is the purpose of ShareaCard?

A: Simple….to bring comfort and hope to the seriously ill and help them to not feel so alone. It means so much to them to receive mail and know that others are thinking of them and praying for them.

Q: Do I have to be a member to send cards to features?

A: NO,we’d love to have you commit to sending cards monthly! However, we have members who send cards in bulk supply and we distribute them to our monthly features.

Q: I have lots of cards that I’ll never use. Can I send them to ShareaCard?

A: Certainly! You can place them in a box or envelope and send them to: ShareaCard.org 

992 Hershey Road

Elizabethtown, Pa 17022

Q: Do I have to send all my cards in individual envelopes?

A: No, no need to send each card in an individual envelope if you don’t want to. All cards get repackaged into a larger envelope after sorting so it’s not necessary, unless you want to.

Q: How can I participate?

A: Just send cards! We have a list of “active” features under the “Our Features” tab on each page. The current feature will appear on the right hand side of the page. Just click on his/her name and you will see the mailing information, along with their likes and hobbies to help in choosing a theme for their cards, if desired.

Q: Ok, I’m all signed up, what happens next?

A: Send cards! At the end of each month OR the beginning of the new month, you will receive an email thru our yahoo mailing list telling you a little about our new Feature(s). This email will also contain a link to their page as well as their mailing information. If you join mid-month,you can still send cards immediately by viewing the Current Month’s Feature on the right hand side of our HOME page. We also have a list of “Active” Features on our FEATURES page

Q: Do I have to make cards or can I send store bought cards?

A: You can send ANY cards! We all lead busy lives so we have no problem with you sending a store bought card. It’s the thought and intent behind the card that matters.

Q: What kind of cards do I send?

A: We ask that you not send “Get Well” cards. Most of our features are seriously ill and need encouragement/thinking of you/praying for you type of cards.

Q: How do I sign my card?

A: I always sign my card, “Kath in Pa”.  It gives my name and my location. The ShareaCard Features often enjoy seeing where the cards come from (some as far away as Australia and Canada!) Please DO NOT include your email address or home mailing address on the inside of your card anywhere. We respect your right to privacy the same as we do our Features.

Q: Do I need to write a note inside?

A: Nope! I don’t. I’m not much of a letter writer nor do I have the time (I wish I was and did) but the most important thing is the thought and intent behind the card. You CAN write a note or letter if you feel connected to a Feature but you are not required to and  most people don’t.

Q: Can I send  gifts to the features?

A: Certainly! Sometimes, participants enclose bookmarks or items directly into their cards. Kids, in particular, love to receive little goodies. Stickers are a real hit!  We only ask that you don’t enclose any advertising materials/or solicitation items, as well as vitamin/health remedies etc…

Q: I’m mailing more than one card, how do I send them?

A: If mailing more than one card: You may place the Feature’s name on the individual envelope with NO postage and place the cards into a bigger envelope with the appropriate postage.

Q: What is the ShareaCard stamp and how do I use it?

A: Using the ShareaCard stamp is totally optional. Some members choose to use it to make a return mailing label signifying that their card came from ShareaCard.

Q: Will I hear back from the features I send cards to?

A:  ShareaCard is not a penpal program so you won’t personally hear back from our Features. It is a part of the SAC process for Features to keep us updated a minimum of once every 6 months. We always post these updates on the forums, the yahoo group and/or our newsletter. To keep everyone’s privacy safe all communication should come through SAC.  

Q: Why do all the cards get sent to the ShareaCard address?

A: For security reasons. We don’t want to disclose our Feature’s addresses on the website so we have all the cards sent to our ShareaCard address. The cards are then dispersed at intervals each month to our Feature’s home mailing address.

Q: Do I qualify to be a Feature?

A: Sometimes, people feel they are not sick enough to be a Feature or that they are giving up on their family member if they submit them. This is not true! All of our Features are at various stages of their illness. You do not have to be terminally ill in order to be a Feature. In fact, we have many Features who go into remission! We are just here to help send you encouragement no matter what stage of your illness you are in. Who doesn’t like to receive mail??!!

Q: How can I have someone I know featured?

A: First off, ask their permission.  Once they consent, just click on the “Submit a Feature” tab at the top of any page and submit the appropriate form. Your request will them be reviewed and replied to within 3-7 days.

Q: What is “inactive” status?

A: On our “Features” page, you will notice all the Features listed according to year and status. A feature becomes inactive if we haven’t had a current update within the last 6 months or if they are in good health and have gone into remission. They may become active again at anytime by sending us an update. Update forms are available under the “Submit a Feature” tab on each page.

Q: What is the Holiday Card Project?
We know that the holidays can be depressing for those who are ill.  We all are doing our holiday activities while those who are ill are shut in. Every October we announce a list of active features and post it to the website. We ask for Christmas cards to be mailed to our features. You can mail to one or ALL of our features! Your cards can be homemade or store bought, we don’t care! They are all collected at our ShareaCard address until early December. Sometime during the 2nd week of December, Cindy and I get together and Ewww and Awww over the hundreds and hundreds of amazing cards sent! Generally, the cards arrive in big envelopes so we sort them and place them accordingly into a HUGE envelope with each feature’s name and address on it. Then, we load up the bags and bags of cards and head to the Post Office to send them off for our features to enjoy! It certainly puts us in the holiday spirit once we see all the cards! But we can’t do it without you!

Q: Can I help promote ShareaCard?
Certainly! There are many ways you can help! Blog about us! or you can hang upflyers around your town or have ShareaCard mentioned in your church bulletin. Perhaps you can even have your hometown do a story on your involvement with ShareaCard? If you need more information or ideas…Contact Us

Q: How can I get a group involved?
YES!!! If you have a group interested in mailing cards to ShareaCard that is wonderful! We’ve had scout troops, Sunday School groups, neighborhoods, daycares etc involved! Contact Us for mailing information.

Q: Who do I contact if I have further questions?

A: You may contact us by using the form  located in the Contact Us area.