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Ryan’s Story

My son Ryan Magnotta was diagnosed with hereditary chronic pancreatitis, an incurable pancreas disease at the age of 5.

Ryan is now ten and his journey with this illness has only worsened. On August 18,2014 Ryan was admitted to Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia.

 On August 19, 2014 Ryan had a surgical procedure at the University of Penn where they performed a pancreatic sphincterotomy and a stent placement in the pancreatic duct. Shortly after this procedure Ryan had a severe pancreas attack that was his worst one in five years. A week later his stent placement never came out (which it was suppose to on its own) so Ryan had his second surgery, which had many complications since they had to go back in to his pancreas for the second time in a week. And a day later he had another procedure to put in his feeding tube.

 After weeks of still chronic pain, they than performed a sedated MRCP, to further see what’s going on with my son. My son has been in the hospital over two months, and now they are considering a transplant at the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital.

Ryan’s Rescue

Comments: Ryan loves the Philadelphia Eagles, Monster Jam, Remote control cars, WWE Wrestlers, Nerf Guns. He loves the beach, going to the skate park and six flags. His favorite colors are blue and orange.

Diagnosis: Hereditary Chronic Pancreatitis

Birthday: July 25, 2004

Interests/Likes: Philadelphia Eagles, WWE Wrestlers, Blue and Orange

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C/O ShareaCard.org
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Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022

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