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Change a Life with a Card


Jeanne’s Story Jeanne is on Oxygen 24/7, she lives states away from any family. She is widowed and still misses her loving husband Tom. Jeanne loves to get mail, but doesn’t receive much. Cards would really brighten her day.  She has her special little dog that keeps her company, his name is Baby Boy. Jeanne…
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Helen’s Story My Aunt Helen is the sweetest lady I have ever met.  I have never heard her say a mean word, I have never seen her mad.  In fact I have never even seen her cry.   She is 91 and never had children, I am her niece and she is my heart.  She does…
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Glory’s Story Glory is a 40 year old mentally challenged young lady. Her daily is job is to bring in the mail. She loves to receive mail so let’s send her lots! Diagnosis:  Mentally Challenged Birthday: March 3 Interests/Likes: Purple Mailing Address: GloryC/O ShareaCard.org992 Hershey RoadElizabethtown, Pa. 17022


Elizabeth’s Story (as told in her own words) Update- August 2012- The Crohns is out of remission, surgery is imminent. The pain is unbearable most days. Thanks again for all the support. All the cards/ gifts/ thoughts and prayers are very appreciated. I read and keep everything sent. Hope to be well enough so I…
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Debby B.

Debby’s Story Update August 2012- “I finally made it home from the hospital. My health still isn’t the best, however, I’m better than I was before. Your cards made my hospital stay more bearable. You are indeed a group of angels” Debby is an “angel” and crochets for Angels For Hope. She also enjoys knitting, reading,…
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Cathy’s Story Update- August 2012- “Still in a lot of pain from recent surgery. Scar tissue is painful. Thank you. The cards mean more to me than you know!” My name is Cathy, I am 43 years, young and was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer in February. I felt no lump, or pain, and had…
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Brenda’s Story Update August 2012- “My health condition has not changed other than to have added one or two things. I am having a lot of problems with dizziness and being off balance and having falls. I am now on oxygen full time and have to carry a portable one in the car when I…
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