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Debby B.

Change a Life with a Card

Debby B.

Debby’s Story

Update August 2012- “I finally made it home from the hospital. My health still isn’t the best, however, I’m better than I was before. Your cards made my hospital stay more bearable. You are indeed a group of angels”

Debby is an “angel” and crochets for Angels For Hope. She also enjoys knitting, reading, working on plastic canvas and the most important hobby of all….texting with her precious granddaughter.

Her favorite color is purple…all shades.

Diagnosis: Multiple melanoma, extreme lymphadema, low iron, and chronic depression

Intrests/Likes: Crocheting, knitting, reading, plastic canvas, and the most 
important one of all is texting with my precious granddaughter. Favorite color: Purple, all shades

Mailing Address:

Debby B.
P.O. Box 8823
Chico, CA 95927-8823

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