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Cathy’s Story

Update- August 2012- “Still in a lot of pain from recent surgery. Scar tissue is painful. Thank you. The cards mean more to me than you know!”

My name is Cathy, I am 43 years, young and was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer in February. I felt no lump, or pain, and had it not been for my annual mammogram I would have never known. After an Ultrasound and Biopsy confirmed it, it was off to surgery…since I am a slow healer, it too me a month and 1/2 to heal the scar left from surgery. I have just begun radiation treatment. I am lucky to say that It has not reached my lymph nodes and I intend to fight this with all I’ve got. It’s ironic how my journey started. 2 weeks before my Biopsy I kept receiving these emails “Do you have Breast Cancer, know the signs”. “Breast Cancer, know your options.” “New Developments in Breast Cancer Treatment.” of course I deleted them all, saying “Why would I want to read or hear all of this!” Little did I know it was a gentle nudge or Hint, from above. Needless to say I was not surprised by my diagnosis. I am taking it one day at a time. 

Comments: I love anything and everything to do with the ocean. I love the beach, I love bookmarks, Stickers, I love to surround myself with pink, and anything that has to do with Breast Cancer Awareness. I love puppies, and all animals, Frogs, especially! I also love Raggedy Ann and Andy, as well as Birds!

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

Birthday: March 16

Interests/Likes: Oceans/ Beaches/ Frogs/Birds Bookmarkers/Stickers

Mailing Address:

C/O ShareaCard
992 Hershey Rd.
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

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