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Step 1

Change a Life with a Card

STEP 1: Agreement

STEP 2: Personal Information

STEP 3: Yahoo Groups Mail List/Approval

STEP 4: Verification email/Further Information

I agree by signing up to be a ShareaCard Participant to the following guidelines:

  • I will only send encouragement cards (store-bought or handmade) to the feature(s) each month.
  • I agree not to send sales solicitations, vitamin brochures, health remedies or such.
  • I agree not to use the information given in any other way than to send cards.
  • I will provide my real name and address to the webmaster for verification and safety procedures when I complete the application.
  •  I will sign all cards I send with my real name.
  •  I understand that under the advise of ShareaCard’s lawyer, I will not enclose any contact information of mine to the Features. This includes enclosing an email address or personal address for the purposes of correspondence.
  • I certify I am over the age of 18.

I understand that if I do not follow these rules or give false information I will be immediately removed from the group without notice.

The ShareaCard Webmaster reserves the right to refuse any applicant.If you agree proceed to STEP 2