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Change a Life with a Card

How to Participate

Send Cards! ShareaCard would love to have you send cards on a monthly basis to our Features. Can’t commit to that? That’s ok! Many of our members are stampers and send cards in bulk to be distributed on a monthly basis.

If you are sending one card – just send to our business address  like this:

{Feature Name}
c/o ShareaCard.org
992 Hershey Road
Elizabethtown, PA 17022 

If you are sending several cards at once or a box of bulk cards, put them all in one envelope or box and send to:

992 Hershey Road
Elizabethtown, PA 17022  

Send them a card saying “I’m praying for you” or a “Thinking of You” type card. We appreciate cheerful cards of encouragement rather than “Get Well Cards” as our Features are all at various stages of their illnesses.Cards can be computer generated, stamped or store bought cards. They love ALL cards!

Guidelines for content:

1. Please do not include any personal email addresses or mailing addresses on your cards. This is due to privacy issues. All correspondence is to come thru ShareaCard. If you wish to relay a message of thanks or otherwise, Kathy will gladly relay that message to the proper persons. 2.  Please do not send sales solicitations, vitamin brochures, health remedies, etc.

Help spread the word! Feel free to tell your friends! Blog about us! After all…it’s the BIGGEST little thing you can do! JOIN NOW!
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